How To Easily Post Ads On Instagram

How To Easily Post Ads On Instagram

Postpopuler.Com – According to NapoleonCat, Instagram’s active users in Indonesia reach 61,610,000 per month. Where, Instagram’s active users in Indonesia are dominated by users aged 18-24 years.

Based on these statistics, of course, it is not surprising that many people take advantage of the popularity of Instagram as a support for their business activities, both to simply increase the company’s branding and market services or goods on the platform.

Instagram has a great feature that helps your marketing through Instagram Ads.

This feature is the same as other ad features such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. How Instagram Ads work is to match keywords with the target audience you are targeting based on gender, age, hobbies, etc.

Instagram Facebook Facebook Instagram Ads feature can be used only after you have a Facebook page first. Here’s how to post ads on Instagram easily:

Open Facebook Ads Manager

First, you need to open the Facebook Ads Manager page. First, make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account.

Select Create Ads

After opening Facebook Ads Manager, you can select Create Ads at the top right. This Menu is usually marked with a green button that is quite prominent.

Choose An Advertising Destination

Before Instagram ads can be shown, you need to set the height of your Instagram Ads. By selecting three categories of advertising objectives among Awareness, Consideration, and conversion.

Awareness is related to increasing Instagram audience brand awareness of your product. Meanwhile, considerations can be chosen if you aim to increase traffic to the website you have.

For conversions, the ultimate goal is to “convert” ads into revenue through purchases made by the audience of your product.

Set Your Target Audience, Budget, And Advertising Schedule

The next step, you will be asked to set the target audience, how much budget you want to spend, and the ad delivery schedule. In the target audience column, you can specify the persona of the target audience you want to show based on age, gender, hobbies, language, and geographic location.

If you have determined the persona of your target audience, you can fill in how much you want to spend on your ad, and fill in when your ad delivery schedule.

In addition, you can also specify how long the ad wants to be served. With a fee starting from Rp25, 000 only, you can already serve your ads through the Instagram Ads feature.

Choose Ad Serving Format

The last step, you need to choose the delivery format. You can upload the image you want to use for advertising, with a supporting caption or caption and a link Link.

The Format can be selected not only in the form of images, but also videos, slideshows, and collections. At the time of filling in the description, you can select in the top field the option “Instagram Account” and enter the username and password.

Make Payment

When you have finished filling in the ad serving format you want to display, you can make a payment in accordance with the cost of advertising that you have filled in previously. The payment method you can choose can be via credit card or debit card.

Instagram Facebook will then review your Instagram ad submission and will receive a follow-up notification whether your ad has met the applicable terms and conditions or not.

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